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Sack Energy is New England’s leading premier biodiesel supplier, supplying biodiesel blends from a B-5 to a B-100.

Bioheat®. Made with biodiesel.

Biodiesel is the key ingredient that makes Bioheat® a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to fossil fuels, like natural gas and oil. Biodiesel is made from a mix of plant oils, animal fats and other resources that meet the strict specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Biodiesel is sourced locally

Sack Energy sources biodiesel locally from American GreenFuels in New Haven, CT, in their BQ-9000 compliant facility.

MA Biodiesel Energy Credit Program

Sack Energy, one of the largest biodiesel wholesalers in the region, is available to help you participate in the Massachusetts Alternative Portfolio Standard.  Sack Energy can provide you with eligible biodiesel, complying with reporting requirements and monetizing your Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs).

As a distributor selling Bioheat® at a 10% or higher blend with APS eligible biodiesel, AEC’s are generated at the point of delivery to your customers.

Sack Energy can assist you with purchasing APS eligible biodiesel as well as your biodiesel blending procedures. In addition, we offer aggregation services, where we assist with the reporting requirements to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), and can aggregate and sell your AECs to maximize value for all eligible biodiesel purchases, whether you purchased from Sack Energy or not.

We support our industry’s commitment to renewable energy standards and are committed to streamlining this program to meet your business needs.  We can help with retrofitting of your existing terminal infrastructure as well as assist with capital expenditures to upgrade your biodiesel blending equipment.

Five ways Biodiesel can improve your business:

  1. Biodiesel is a cost-effective solution that reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 80%.
  2. Biodiesel is safe for all equipment.
  3. Biodiesel is made in the U.S., which decreases dependence on foreign oil and creates more U.S. jobs.
  4. Biodiesel is an extremely cost-effective approach to heating in comparison to air-source heat pumps.
  5. Customers will feel good about the cost-efficient, eco-friendly choice they’ve made.

Adding Bioheat® to your product offering is an eco-friendly energy solution for your customers’ homes and businesses.

“My gross margins increased after I started offering Bioheat®.”
– David Foster, Wilcox Energy

“I have been delivering Sack Energy’s Bioheat® for several years with absolutely zero service-related issues due to Bioheat®.”
– Matt Klebe, Klebe Fuel

To learn more about biodiesel, please visit:
http://biodiesel.org or http://bioheatonline.com